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Knite & Day Design offers a wide range of publishing services for independent authors. Whether it's editing or formatting or something in between, Knite & Day Design can help you polish and prepare your book for publication.


Print & Ebook Formatting

If you're almost ready to publish that new book you've been working on but find yourself at a loss when it comes to creating quality ebook files and/or print PDF files, then check out Knite & Day's options for book interior formatting.

There are low-budget basic options and higher-priced custom options designed to suit your particular needs, but rest assured, any formatting option you choose will result in clean, easy-to-read book files suitable for all your readers.

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Editing & Proofreading

If you're not quite ready for the formatting stage, Knite & Day also has a variety of editing and proofreading options for polishing off your manuscript and getting it ready for publication. 

If you've just finished your draft and find yourself in need of significant revisions to your characters, plot, or world-building, then Knite & Day will happily help you out with developmental editing. If you think your high-level elements are solid but your prose still needs a bit of work, Knite & Day is there for you with line editing.

If you've go all the hard stuff down, but your manuscript is still riddled with pesky typos and the occasional awkwardly worded sentence, then Knite & Day's copyediting service is for you. And, if you're almost ready for publication, but want somebody to look over your manuscript one last time to sweep away any errors left, then Knite & Day's proofreading service is what you need.

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WIP Rescue

Having trouble turning your ideas into a cohesive story? Struggling to get your research done? Stuck on a particular scene or chapter? Think your POV or writing style is wonky? Something else?

Whatever your issue is, Knite & Day can help you out with the "WIP Rescue" service. For an hourly rate, I'll help you work through whatever problem is preventing you from getting your ideas from your brain to the page. From world-building research to scene-by-scene analysis, this service will help you whip your Work in Progress into shape and get it back on track for publication.

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