Editing & Proofreading

If you've recently finished a manuscript and are in need of editing, of if you've already been through the editing process and want some proofreading done to clean up any remaining errors in your new book, then check out Knite & Day's editing and proofreading options below.



Developmental Editing || $0.008 Per Word

Developmental editing is meant for recently completed or completely unedited manuscripts that require guidance on plot, characterization, world-building, and other, high-level aspects of storytelling.

I will read through your manuscript and advise you thoroughly on the aspects mentioned above plus any particular aspects of the story you believe need improvement.

Turnaround time will vary greatly depending on length, genre, story structure, intended age group, and more. 

Line Editing || $0.010 Per Word

Line editing is meant for finished manuscripts that have been revised at the overall plot and characterization level but are in need of guidance on style, sentence structure, word choice, and other readability aspects.

I will perform an in-depth read-through of your manuscript and recommend changes at the word, sentence, and paragraph level to improve the overall readability of your work.

Turnaround time will vary greatly depending on length; shorter works will generally take two weeks or less, while longer works (over 100,000 words) may take up to four or five weeks.


Copyediting || $0.007 Per Word

Copyediting is meant for finished manuscripts that have already been through line editing. After line editing, many typos and other errors are usually still present in the manuscript, as a result of heavy revisions to the prose. Copyediting is the process that eliminates those errors and polishes your manuscript to a near-perfect "shine."

I will perform a read-through of your manuscript wherein I correct typos, fix any incorrect grammar that might have slipped past the line editing revisions, and double-check that there are no major developmental issues or stylistic issues remaining.

Turnaround time will vary greatly depending on length. Shorter works will generally take one to two weeks, while longer works may take up to three weeks.

Proofreading || $0.005 Per Word

Proofreading is meant for finished manuscripts that have been fully edited.

I will perform a final read-through of your manuscript in search of minor typos, formatting issues, and other small errors that could impact the reader experience.

Turnaround time for proofreading will generally be one to two weeks, depending on the length of the manuscript.

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