"Therin Knite is incredible. I've worked with many proofreaders and editors over the years, but Therin stands out from the crowd, not only catching all the little typos, but also greatly improving my sentence flow, word choice, and even tracking down my continuity errors and making expert suggestions on passages of mine that are awkward or make no sense. She's even taught me a bunch of grammarly stuff that I didn't even know, schooling me on the proper use of ellipses and em-dashes. It's that kind of stuff that makes Therin amazing, because not only does she fix my work, she teaches me what I need to know to make my work better in the future, which is priceless. Your novel needs her. You need her. I can't recommend her enough!"

Geoffrey Wakeling

Author of Inside Evil

"Knite and Day Design was a breeze to work with. Therin scrutinizes every detail and made the right choices and added appropriate comments to my manuscript without affecting my writing style. Very happy with the work - and it was a quick turnaround too; always a bonus! I've got a much better novel as a result."

"Thank you for fast and precise work. The format for my print version very professional and now suits the genre much better than before. I'm very pleased with the turn-around time for this. Looking forward to working with you in the future!"

"Therin was a real pleasure to work with. I sent her my plain manuscript and she quickly transmogrified it into a professional looking book that can hold its head up proudly among the other books on the shelves in the book store. I plan to have Therin re-do all my books in the same manner."

"I can't recommend Knite and Day Design enough. Therin stepped in when I needed help with the print version for one of the Chronicles in a pinch. She turned it around in record time, and delivered a product that stayed true to the quality of the series. That made me a believer. I have several other series and standalone books in development that I'm turning over to Knite and Day. Thank you so much!" 

"Knite and Day Design exceeded my expectations in formatting my novel. Therin provided great, friendly communication and quick and professional service. I will definitely use her again. Top notch quality!"

"Therin Knite provided me with an interior print format far beyond most interiors I've ever seen, offering a creative and innovative interior that speaks to quality in my finished product. Therin's service is prompt and professional."


"Therin, I just wanted to write a few lines to let you know how much you impressed me with your services. Not only did you do an amazing job with the interior design of my paperback and eBook, you also turned the work around in record time, even in the face of some unexpected challenges that could have derailed the project. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to getting the job done right and on-time, and I'll definitely be hiring you to work on my next novel."

M.D. Massey

Author of THEM

"Knite and Day went above and beyond for my book format even including a really neat graphic that matched the subject of my book. I like how they pay special attention to what the book is about and use formatting styles that match the tone of the story.  Therin is professional to work with and my books look great - very high quality and professional looking even nicer than some of the books you might find published on the bookstore shelves!"

"When I started looking for a formatter for my print book I was told, by Pamela Kelley, an already established author, to go to Therin Knite. I am so glad I did! It has been great working with Therin. Right from the beginning she has been fast, helpful, extremely professional and friendly.

I loved her design ideas which matched the ‘theme’ of my book perfectly and she immediately tweaked them to get them exactly as I wanted. I had gone for the ‘Custom Design’ package and the result is beautiful and of a very high standard. She made all the corrections that I required right away (even a couple of typos that I had left in the text) and also answered my rookie questions about IBSNs and loading onto Createspace quickly and very helpfully.

I will definitely use Therin’s services again in the future and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a high quality format and a wonderful, problem-free experience. I am very glad I spent a little bit extra to get such an excellent result."